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Your Plunet account makes ordering and tracking your translations easy. With Plunet you simply provide details of the project, upload the document(s) for translation to our secure server, and give us your preferred deadline.
Plunet accsess

The order request will be acknowledged automatically and processed by your account manager. Lacrosse Plunet can be used 24/7; it saves time, cuts down email traffic, enhances data security, and speeds up the ordering process.

Log in to Plunet

Our Account Managers will be happy to provide you with more information on the Plunet platform and they can create your account and help you with your log in for the first time.

Lacrosse Learning zone


Lacrosse Client Knowledge Base is a body of knowledge created and developed with our clients in mind. Ordering translation can be a lot easier if you have access to tools and guides to the key factors to keep in mind.

By sharing knowledge and encouraging feedback we hope we can give a better understanding of the translation process and consider ways of improving our service

All the materials are prepared using input from the Lacrosse in-house team.

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