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Linguistic accuracy, consistent terminology and data security are the hallmark of a professional language services provider.
Our formula: engage the right translators, communicate the right instructions, provide assistance and oversight, then give them the right tools to ensure accuracy, consistency and security. Our default service is translation to native-speaker standard, nothing less. Our team of translators, editors and reviewers are selected for their knowledge, reliability and relevant experience in their fields.
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Citrix XenApp is used to provide employees and contractors with secure access to virtual desktops, applications and data. This enables secure remote working and minimises the risk of any theft, loss or leakage of data.

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memoQ Server. Reviewing a translation manually without the right software may lead to inconsistencies being overlooked, which is one reason why our translators and verifiers use our memoQ Server , a cutting-edge Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) workspace, accessed via our secure server. This speeds up translation processes and provides a safe and stable work environment. Our memoQ Server improves quality control and ensures the use of the correct terminology. When working on our secure servers, there’s no need to exchange sensitive files by email, and reviewers can access memoQ and give immediate feedback on projects to the translators. See more

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