Translation for Consulting firms and Financial Institutions

Need translations of three annual reports, each of 2,000 pages, translated from Italian and Spanish into English, and you have a non-negotiable tight deadline?
Financial translations services

How we approach challenging financial translation projects with ‘impossible’ deadlines

When an urgent project requires the delivery of more than 2,500 words a day, which is the typical expected daily output of a single translator, or translation into more than one language, our project management team has to engage several translators and verifiers working in parallel. The challenge is to guarantee timely delivery while ensuring that the terminology and translation quality is consistent. This involves having the capabilities to handle complex document formatting requirements, expert project managers, and IT solutions that facilitate the process.

Security and confidentiality

Appreciating the sensitivity of the content entrusted to us, we sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements before receiving assignments. Additionally, all Lacrosse employees and contractors are required to sign similar undertakings. Most importantly, our IT system based around a Citrix receiver and a remote data centre housing our servers, ensures the highest level of security against data loss or theft.

Recent examples of large, complex assignments for consulting firms and financial institutions

Banking: Translation of an online manual for a web-based and multibank electronic banking application from English into Polish. We translated over 160,000 source language words. Three translators and three reviewers worked on this project, managed online in our memoQ server environment.

Accounting/audit: Translation from German to English of an 80,000 word due diligence report on a telecoms firm for a global consultancy’s German office. The client was very impressed by the speed, quality and value of the end result.

Valuation/accounting: Translation from German to English of a 25,000 word valuation report on a TMT firm, for the German office of a major accounting firm. To deliver on time, Lacrosse worked on draft sections, requiring the use of translation environments such as memoQ. The client was grateful for our timely service .

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