The Lacrosse Team

Successful language services for business requires a team approach. At Lacrosse our team includes account managers to understand your business and your needs, project managers to choose the right translators, specialists, verifiers and document engineers to get your projects delivered on time and on budget.

Translation and other language services for clients across Europe

Lacrosse has the competitive advantage in translation for three markets: UK and Ireland, DACH countries and Poland. Our edge in these three cultures stems from our understanding of these markets, our experience, our knowledge, and the backgrounds and linguistic abilities of our team’s key members. Hence our main focus is translation into and out of English, German and Polish, paired with all European languages.

Lawrence Fahrenholz

Lawrence Fahrenholz CEO & Head of Business Development is responsible for decision-making and the overall strategic direction of the company. Lawrence managed the translation department at a major international law firm before co-founding Lacrosse in 1998 having previously taught at Nowy Sącz Business School in southern Poland. A native of St Andrews, Scotland, he holds a first in history from Glasgow University and an M.Phil in international relations from Cambridge University.

Karolina Jazic

Karolina Jazic, Head of Sales
is responsible for overseeing all sales activities of the company and managing the Account Management team. Karolina has 14 years of experience in customer service and sales departments in Poland and abroad. She is focused on finding solutions and accommodating clients’ needs and expectations. She is a people person and has excellent communication skills. Karolina holds a diploma from Dublin Business School and a Masters degrees in History and English Studies. She speaks English and has good working knowledge of German (B1).

Justyna Kubacka

Justyna Kubacka, Head of Production
is a graduate of Japanese Studies Department of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw. She joined Lacrosse in November 2014. Justyna is currently employed as Head of Production, being responsible for Coordinating the work of the Production department team as well as delivering the highest level translation projects. Justyna is fluent in English and Japanese.

Paulina Dąbrówka

Paulina Dąbrówka, Group Vendor Manager
is a graduate of Japanese Studies Department of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw and Kioto’s Doshisha University Intensive Japanese Language Program “Bekka”. She joined Lacrosse in October 2009. Paulina is currently employed as Group Vendor Manager, being responsible for managing relationships with translators and recruitment of new vendors. She is fluent in English and Japanese.

Warsaw translation office

Head office, Warsaw, Poland

The main sales and project management office for Lacrosse assignments worldwide is in Warsaw located at al. Ujazdowskie 39/5, in the heart of the city. Our team consists of Polish, English, German, French, Hungarian and Dutch speakers.

Please contact your account manager tel: +48 22 581 38 60 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact form.

What you don’t see on a piece of paper – successful translation is a team effort

Production team

At Lacrosse the overall customer experience is paramount. A positive customer experience is ensured by good communication and cooperation between everyone involved -- the account manager, project manager, and the team of translators, revisers, proofreaders, and IT support. Close co-operation between account managers and our admin and accounting personnel simplifies the process of invoicing and collection.
The Lacrosse production team is responsible for delivering measurable quality to our clients. The success parameters we use are determined for each project in consultation with the client. The purpose of the translation(s), languages required, turnarounds, as well as specific data security and non-disclosure requirements, are all taken into consideration. Our production team comprises project managers and other specialists who advise on language and manage our translating capacity. Our head of production consults regularly with the account management team to ensure client expectations are understood and can be met.

Sales team

Lacrosse’s front office in Warsaw is ready to help you with enquiries in English and Polish and German . Taking a consultative approach, our account managers will discuss your project and requirements, and give you a quick indication of all costs involved. Please phone (Polish, English or German all understood by our front office) or click… Please email: in English, Polish or German to link Or use our simple contact form (link) See more details


The environment at Lacrosse which ensures the smooth-running of our business and gives you with peace of mind.

Our IT support engineers maintain our systems which provide enhanced data security and accessibility, and ensure that our translators are trained to work using our productivity tools.

Our internal verifiers are responsible for Quality Assurance Management (exercising continual control over the quality of processes, using professional Quality Assurance tools); Terminology management: developing glossaries and client-specific term bases, translation memories and their on-going maintenance/

Our administrative staff ensures that your billing information is correct, clear and up to date, and that you’re invoiced on a timely basis.