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Our promise to clients is to deliver the best quality within tight deadlines.

This requires trust, collaboration, advanced technological solutions and support from great linguists who display exceptional talent, are experts in their field and share our values.

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Working with Lacrosse you will join a team of passionate professionals whose mission is to provide clients with quality language services and who are committed to the highest standards of professional integrity. We will offer you participation in interesting and challenging projects and support from our project managers at all project stages.

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For the right candidates joining the Lacrosse team is easy: simply demonstrate you have the appropriate qualifications and show willingness to interact with us using our XTRF platform and be prepared to work on projects in memoQ. Our expectations are demanding but so are our clients. Our vendor manager will guide you through the process, and will provide you with the necessary licences, induction and training.

Lacrosse offers:
  • long-term cooperation and participation in interesting projects
  • access to the Lacrosse KnowledgeBase
  • induction and training for new partners
  • free memoQ project licences for linguists who do not have their own memoQ
  • support from project managers and timely payment
Lacrosse linguists must:
  • have 5 years+ of full-time professional translation experience
  • have a recognised translator’s qualification
  • provide at least two references
  • work or be interested in working in memoQ
  • know or want to get to know XTRF

Lacrosse KnowledgeBase

It’s not only about taking but also about giving. Lacrosse KnowledgeBase is a database that was created and developed with the assumption that sharing knowledge enhances quality and at the same time makes work easier.

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Lacrosse KnowledgeBase is a database of information, manuals and video content allowing better and more advanced use of tools employed by Lacrosse, primarily XTRF and memoQ. All the materials are prepared using input from the Lacrosse in-house team and our translators, reviewers and proofreaders. The resources can be accessed by our active partners: to obtain your login details please contact our Vendor Manager {link}.

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