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We cooperate with Elia Exchange in order to train a new generation of translators adapted to the changing needs of the language services market.

Our values

Developing long-term client relationships based on mutual respect and trust is central to our values and approach to doing business. Commitment to professional industry standards and to the continuous development of the skills of our team.


The game of lacrosse is the fastest field game in the world. Like the business of translation, playing lacrosse requires skill, speed, presence of mind and most importantly, teamwork in order to succeed. Here’s how we keep on top of our game.

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Working with top tier companies

As our homes have become offices, schools & playgrounds it is business as usual for Lacrosse.

Our team remains available to respond to your enquiries thanks to our dedication & cloud-based working environment where our employees and translators are, regardless of location, granted secure online access to projects.

With so many changes around us at the present time, some things remain the same. Our commitment to doing the job right even in difficult circumstances has not changed. You can rely on us for support, expertise, quality, and that we will always care and be committed to our clients.

You can reach us by email, phone or via our website.

Let’s stay together despite, social distancing and challenging times.

Wishing you all the best

The Lacrosse Team