Marketing translation

A creative approach to marketing translation. Marketing texts for websites. Social media posts. Blogs. Press releases. Advertising slogans. Tag-lines. All these need to be approached with greater creativity to ensure your message in a foreign language is appealing, punchy, and culturally appropriate.

Translation + Creativity = Transcreation

Lacrosse encourages long-term cooperation on the preparation of foreign marketing materials, rather than one-off literal translations of texts prepared for the client’s home market. We get to know our clients and their business to ensure we always use the appropriate industry terminology. To contribute to the success of your export marketing campaigns, we take a consultative approach to adapting your marketing message to your audience.

Our marketing translation experience

  • Translations into English for the marketing/communications departments of several major law firms, requiring knowledge of both specialist legal terminology and a creative approach to writing. In addition to creativity, such projects always involve TEP — Translation, Editing and Proofreading.
  • Preparation of the US-English versions of a series of reports on the business services sector in Poland, to be distributed at international investment conferences and sent to potential investors in the United States.
  • English-Polish translation of the catalogue, product descriptions, website and terms and conditions of a specialist medical devices producer, as well as on-going translation support for their business operations.
  • Translation from Polish into English, Russian and German of three tourist guidebooks and accompanying information boards for a Regional Tourism Organisation in Poland. The project required writing flair, knowledge of the historical and architectural subject matter and the ability to deliver the material in the required formats to the publishers.